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You Will See Heaven Open, and the Angels of God Ascending and Descending Upon the Son of Man

Prophetess Terri Allen

The Father says today, when I revealed to Jacob the ladder in the heavens, it was not to show him how angels get back and forth to the earth. They don’t need a ladder to come to earth. It was to show him the access he had to My promises from the realms of heaven. It was to show you the activity of heaven that comes and goes upon the earth. My angels who come to you to gather up the prayers and sighs of your heart. My angels who carry out the declarations of your spirit upon the earth. My angels who bring you the supply of heaven you have need of and are contending for in prayer.

Did I not say that hereafter you will see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man? For this is where you will find that same ladder to heaven beloved. It arises from within you where I dwell. From the kingdom of God on the inside of you will be found the access to all the heavenly realms and all the promises of God. Herein is a great mystery and joy. The kingdom of heaven is within you and when you seek this by faith you shall have much joy and peace and all things you have need of will be added unto you, says the Father.

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