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You Will Receive the Full Victory

Word by Russ Walden

You Will Receive the Full Victory, Spoil, Blessings, Provision and Release - The Enemy Will be Left Empty-Handed

I Am your peace. Your peace comes from My presence in your life. I am bringing you to rest, says the Father, even the rest of one whose warfare has been done away with. The hectic pace will subside. The hue and cry, the noise, and confusion are now being replaced with the stillness of My Spirit, both within and around you. Your inner peace will become your outward circumstance, even the peace that I Am in your life. I Am your peace, says the Father, and I Am pushing down every wall erected against you.

You will not need to negotiate with the rabble-rousers or troublemakers. The peace I bring has nothing to do with compromised solutions. You will not give up one iota of victory. Yours will be the entire spoil of blessing, provision, and release. The enemy will be left empty-handed. They threatened, roared, and intimidated, but the threats wherewith they threatened will come down on their own head, and your eyes will see it and know that I have worked behind the scene to assure the outcome beyond any expectation or hope. It's who I Am, says the Father, and what I do. You are My beloved, and I have set My favor upon you! The Father says today, be encouraged and be emboldened! Be encouraged, for I have activated the Holy Ghost Shock Troops to descend upon your position to support, defend and assist you in the fray. Be emboldened, for the enemy is cut off from his supply lines and has no hope of prevailing against you. Let your heart be reinvigorated with joy and with the audacity of one who already knows the outcome. I am here, says the Father! I am standing in your outcome and as you emerge from the confusion of the fight. You were never exposed or vulnerable; you will see that I had you covered the whole time! Do not let the enemy take your enthusiasm or energy, or he will think he has won, says God. No weapon formed against you will prosper. Prosperity and success do not belong to the adversary. Prosperity and success are Mine to bestow! Know this, yours is the spoil, and yours is the victor's crown. On the field of battle, you will walk away with the trophy for the outcome that was secured on your behalf 2000 years ago! Can we pray for you? With God, all things are possible and all things are possible to those who believe. We want to stand with you and lift your needs to before the Lord. This is the confidence we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us, and if we know He hears us, we know we have the petitions we desired of Him.You can submit a prayer request or request for a Prophetic word here.

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