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You are Coming to a Face-to Face Encounter with the Father

You are Coming to a Face-to Face Encounter with the Father As Angel Activity Explodes Around You

The light of My countenance is shining down upon you this day, says the Father. As a shepherd shows his face to the flock in the morning, so I Am bringing you into a face-to-face encounter with Me. The clouds of confusion? They are dissipating. The heavens of brass? They melt like wax at the passion of My heart to meet your every need and bring you into your blessing place, and that right early.

My power is roused, says God, and the cherubim are come from My throne to execute My judgments on your behalf. Angel activity explodes around you this day, and supernatural answers and provision by My hand are being made manifest. My kingdom, My kingdom! It has come, it is come, and it is coming.

Let the cry of your heart be, Father! Thy kingdom come! For My kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy. Joy is your portion says God – joy unspeakable and full of the glory wherein your miracle is made manifest, every chain is broken, and every gate locked against you is shattered to splinters.

The entitlements of the Cross are yours this day purchased in the blood-bought provisions of Calvary and ratified in the resurrection power of the empty tomb. You are coming out of your graves. I am bringing you out of the tombs of regret and setting your feet in a firm place where you will not be moved, and all that has been robbed from you will be restored as though in a day.

Blessings in Jesus Yeshua name.

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