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Y is for the Year of YES!

Blessings from Prophet Joann Hicks

Hello Blessed Friends,

Many blessings to you and your family! Grace and Peace be multiplied to you as you know Him deeper in this time and season of the year. This morning when I woke, I went outside for a bit of fresh air, and the first thing I saw in the sky was a Big Y. Know that this is a YES year coming upon us. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Step out this year. Do things you have never done before. Believe before you receive. If you have failed before, The Lord is saying, "Not again". The Lord is taking out of you that which is bothering you. You will not see them tomorrow. I pray that the peace of the Lord Jesus will settle in your home. May you find the quiet in the storm and a gentle reminder of just how precious you are to him.

​Let there be Glory Encounters, Divine Breakthroughs and Soaring to New Heights moments! Let there be Divine Healing, Supernatural Miracles and Financial Freedom in Jesus' Name! To God be the Glory!

Prophet Joann Hicks

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