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Twelve Baskets of Overflowing Blessings

Prophet Russ Walden

The Father says today, give Me of your meager fragments and I will in return give you twelve baskets of overflowing blessing. Be like the little boy with his few fish and loaves that I took and blessed and broke and a miracle happened. Know that what you give Me will continually be blessed and yes, it will be broken. Fear not the breaking and fear not the crushing on the olive press that brings out the choicest oil to anoint your face and cause My glory to glow in you with the brightness of the Son. Darkness is going and glory is manifesting when you operate in faith, even in the very deepest point of your need.

The rebuke of heaven is echoing over your life against all the encroachment of the enemy. You’ve hungered and you’ve been in thirst. You’ve wondered and you’ve prayed “God, where are you in all of this?” I am right here, says God. I am as close to you as hands and feet, as the very breath of your nostrils. I am not neglecting you or leaving you to your own devices. All of heaven is working in you, around you, above you and beneath you. Principalities and powers are being rebuked and the works of your hands are being blessed and that in full measure. Fear not beloved, neither be dismayed, for the days of the King are upon you and new things of refreshment and renewal are just ahead.

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