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The Truth Always Out Lives The Lie

From The Father's Heart Ministry

The Father says today, the truth always outlives the lie. Never allow yourself to dwell on what people seem to be getting away with. Evildoers may shake their fist in My face and go on their way, but their end awaits them. They are insignificant in the overall scheme of things, for My favor rests upon you to bring you out and establish your going forth as the morning. As surely as the sun comes up, so will My faithfulness be seen in your land. Trust in what I am doing and never allow the perplexities of the raging sea of godless humanity to give you one moment’s pause. My government is on the increase. The mountain of My house will be established, and the counsels of the ungodly will be consigned to the dustbin of history to be remembered no more.

Do you hear My sound, says God? What is that distant rumbling moving ever closer to your life? It is the sound of My voice like many waters crashing through every obstacle, every debilitating assault of hell against you. The enemy is now routed, the Cross is exalted, and there you stand with your testimony intact and My joy beaming from your face in the clearing smoke. Commit your way to My loving care. The promises of My word are ever before Me where you are concerned. Rest in Me and wait patiently. Cease from anger for yet a little while, and deliverance will be seen in your land. The wicked? The opposer? I will remove them far off from your situation. If you seek them out, they will not be found, but My faithfulness will be ever established on your behalf and that right early.

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