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The Trophy Of Your Victory

Russ Walden

The Father says today, what you are going through is not meant to destroy you. You don’t think you will make it through but know this; I am already standing on the other side, holding the door open to your new reality. Even as I said in My word, I formed light, and I created darkness, and I created the waster to destroy. What does that tell you? It means that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Do you realize that I HARD-WIRED the enemy for failure? Don’t look at or be overwhelmed in your mind by what the enemy has done or is doing. He’s on the losing team! You never go out and buy a T-Shirt for the losing team! Quit dressing your life up with all the fear, anguish, and terror about losing a contest you’ve already won!

The trophy of your victory, says God, is already in the trophy case, in your family room, in your mansion in the heavens. There are many trophies there, of contests you’ve already won and many that are yet to come. There are medals and awards there for battles, campaigns, and wars you have fought, are fighting, and yes, will fight in the future. NO PROBLEM! I promised in My word that you would NEVER FALL, that you would ALWAYS HEAR MY VOICE, and would always TRIUMPH and PREVAIL. Take a breath, will you? Fret not, neither be dismayed for that thing you are facing? I’ve already delivered the positive outcome of My promise into your hand. Be at peace. Let My peace substitute for the outcome until the outcome is assured and made manifest.

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