The Struggle Is Over! It is Here

A Word by Andrew Towe

If you have been in the prophetic movement at all, then you have most likely heard words “suddenly”, “instantly,” or “now.” I caution you not to allow the frequency of these words to lose their supernatural impact in your life. Don’t treat common what God has called holy. I recently had a dream from the Lord. He has not yet allowed me to share the totality of the complete dream yet, but only the last part, saying it was for you now. In the dream, I walked into a new place where a celebration was taking place, and I said, “The struggle is over. It is here!” Then I heard the Lord say to prophesy over you, “You are walking into a new place. The struggle is over. It is here! Get ready to celebrate. Things that have seemed out of reach to you in the past, you now will hold. God’s prophetic trumpet is blaring with the sound that it’s time!”

Moreover, the Lord lays charge to you, saying, “Beloved, to walk in the new place that I have brought you to will require radical obedience to My instructions. You cannot simply do what has worked in past seasons and still walk in this new dimension. Listen for My voice. I will guide your every step. There have been restraints that have hindered your progress, but I am breaking them off of you. You will no longer be tied to the old wineskin. I am setting you free from the confines of the enemy. It is the time to soar. I have ushered you into a season of reaping. The seeds that you planted in past seasons and even the seeds planted from prior generations are coming to harvest. Everywhere you look, there will be fruitfulness.”

A few days later, while in prayer, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me and say, “I am raising unexpected people, places, and giftings. Stretch yourself beyond small thinking. I am birthing a new move, and it will be accomplished through ways and means that you have never dreamed possible. Be prepared to see the illogical, unusual, unexpected, but undeniable outpouring of My Spirit. I have drawn a line in the sand, and My people will have to decide to be all in or all out. I am sending a Samuel prophetic movement, and its flow will be pure. I am removing the Eli’s, Hophni’s, and Phinehas’ that have polluted My house and have led My people astray. My glory is coming back to My house and My people. I will meet their hunger with My power. I am blowing fresh wind into them. My promises are true and will not return void. All of this will happen suddenly. Seeds that previous generations have planted will soon sprout forth into harvest. The wells of your fathers are your inheritance. Re-dig the ancient wells. I will make room for you even as I did for Isaac when he re-dug the wells of his father Abraham (Gen 26:22). The land of famine is now becoming fruitful. The place of drought is becoming an oasis that is springing forth.”

Eli’s priesthood had been irretrievably marred by his two sons, Hophni and Phinehas. Their abdominal acts were great in the sight of the Lord. They had neither regard for the Lord nor His people. They took the prime cuts of meat, which according to Mosaic Law was the Lord’s share, and they did this even as they were being offered to the Lord! They committed sexual sin with women that worked in the sanctuary. Their depravity caused God to bring judgment on them. They had contaminated God’s house, and Eli refused to remove them from leading God’s people.

“So why do you scorn My sacrifices and offerings? Why do you give your sons more honor than you give Me—for you and they have become fat from the best offerings of My people Israel!” (1Sa. 2:29, NLT).