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The Son is Shining on You Today!

Prophetess Joann Hicks

Praise be to God. I hear the Lord say, The Son Is Shining On You Today! He is in your mist, in your presence. He wants you to know he knows your every thought. You are not alone, ever. Do you feel his presence and his warmth upon you today? He wants you to bend your ear a little closer. Begin to hear what it is he has to say concerning your life. Hear his directions and plans that he has already laid out before you. Choose his path, and look straight ahead, for surely you will not lose your way, get lost or fail. The love he has for you is truly a love you must soon feel and never forget. He says it a done deal, what every you are seeking him for. The Son Is Shining On You Today!

Can We Pray for You? Our Prayer Team is ready to make intercession on your behalf. We believe the Lord hears and answers our prayers. If you are interested in receiving a word for your life or family, please Visit our site and fill out the contact form with your (Full Name.) We are here to service you. Submit your Prayer Request Here:

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