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The Father Says Receive the Honor and Reward I AM NOW Releasing Upon You!

Prophet Russ Walden

The Father says over your life; I am the God who rewards those I choose to honor. I have placed My honor upon you and I have put the signet ring of authority in the heavens upon your finger and a robe of righteousness upon your shoulders. There are angels going before you as they went before Mordecai in the book of Esther. These angels proclaim and these angels make known in the earth up to the vaulted ceilings of My throne room “This is the portion of the one whom the King chooses to honor.” This is reward season in your life and the time of honor laid upon you bringing your destiny to an activation of manifestation. Listen, says the Father I declare to you with the trumpet blast of My glory bringing the long-held promise and the profound vision of your heart to pass NOW says God.

This is the tipping point of My goodness come upon you as though in a moment and in a day and you will be amazed and you will be overwhelmed. You will say, “I dreamed big, but I never dreamed this big.” You will exclaim “I had big faith and high hopes and a large vision, but My God has done great things for me this day.”

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