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The Father says, I want You to Ask Me

Russ Walden

The Father says today; you are going to have to ask Me. Those things lying deep within your heart, those desires that you have dared not breathe for fear of disappointment – I want you to ask Me. I know what is in your heart regardless, but until you bring these things out to the light of day, they cannot be refined, perfected, and ultimately fulfilled. Remember this – I am the God that gives the desires of the heart. Even those desires that you think are implausible and improbable, remember I am the God of the impossible! I authored those longings in your heart, and I do not tease, and I do not taunt.

The ache is the prophecy, says the Father. The ache in your heart is the prophecy over your life. Do not allow the devil, the adversary, to pervert and distort the palpable, vibrant heartbeat of destiny that continually paints the canvas of your spirit with portraits of the highest hopes fulfilled and greatest desires fulfilled. I don’t do things halfway, and I haven’t authored those anemic survival strategies that you have tried to wrap your faith around. Believe for big things, says the Father. Be bold enough to frame your expectations. The highest, best and greatest. That is your portion and My promise in your life.

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