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The Angel of Change is Changing Things for You!

Prophet Russ Walden

I AM that I AM says, God. I am the Changeless One who brings change and brings about SHIFT under your feet to bring about a new direction and a new spiritual dynamic that ramps up the pressure of My power flowing to you and out from you to blast the enemy and his cohorts entirely out of your life. There are strategies of hell that have consistently dogged your trail that are permanently being moved out of their place, and you will see them no more. The mountains of adversity, the dilemma of depression, the canker of anxiety are GOING NOW. This day you are stepping into an open field of opportunity where once was nothing but obstacles and opposition. Fear is going with all its lies. You WILL LOOK BACK and say, "If I realized with what power would work during those days – I would have laughed at the falsehoods of hell and thanked God daily for the glory that was about to break!

The Father says today, you are coming out of mediocrity into the vital, dynamic atmosphere of My Spirit. Your life is a tapestry on the loom of My purposes. I am weaving a destiny yet to be fulfilled and a future yet to be realized. You haven’t waited too long, and it isn’t too late. The enemy and even people around you have suggested you cannot have what I have encoded in your heart to desire and believe for. Their hearts are hardened. Their hearts have failed them for fear, and that fact shows up in the pessimism they demonstrate and the sarcasm they clothe themselves in to hide their iniquity. It is time to separate yourself from such. There is no sarcasm in the kingdom. There is no pessimism in the kingdom, says your God.

You are not a victim; you are a victor. Refuse to clothe yourself in the olive drab of victimization. Refuse the poison of self-pity fed by the false mercy of those who pat your hand to comfort but never speak one word of deliverance into your life. Your destiny is intact. Your future is assured. All that has been lost or stolen will be restored seven-fold. Suffering doesn’t define you; it merely establishes the blessing parameter by which in blessing, I will bless you and put you over in favor and breakthrough when nothing else will. Shake yourself. Shake yourself from the “I can’t” or “I will never” or “things will never stop hurting or be different.” That is the smoke and mirror lies of the enemy, but My promise is working in you to bring about highest heart’s desire, and greatest dream fulfilled even amid the pain and struggle.

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