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Speak To The Things That Are In Your Life

April 25th, 2021 The Father says today, speak to the things that are in your life. As you speak to those things that are, they will diminish and be removed. The things that are seen will yield and bow before the things that are not seen when you release the power of My word in your mouth. Is there a mountain or obstacle before you? Is there an impassible barrier barring your way? Is there something or someone standing between you and what you know in your heart I have promised? Then that is your mountain. What are you saying to your mountain? Ask yourself and hold yourself accountable before Me to speak to the mountain until it is removed from the horizon of your life. Mountains move and demons tremble at the sound of My word. My word must originate out of dry pages into the living vibrancy of your own heart and mind. My words on your lips make you a master of the winds and the waves. My words on your lips make you a master of every demonic force that is ranged against you. Contradiction to My promise in your life is dislodged, dissolved, and swept away in the torrent of your faith. Right now, open your mouth, release words of confidence in Me against the obstacles of your life. Arm yourself and clothe yourself with My words in your heart. Let your mouth become the howitzer cannon of faith that bombards and destroys the embattlements of the enemy raised against you until total victory is yours, says the Father.

Can we pray for you? the Bible says to confess your faults to one another and pray for one another that you may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much (makes tremendous power available, dynamic in its working). We endeavor to respond to prayers through email ... Submit a prayer or Prophetic word request here.

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