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Speak My Word

Word by Prophet Russ Walden

The Father says today, let your voice be heard on high. Speak up, says the Father – no more enduring the unendurable or ignoring that which cannot and should not be ignored. Suffering in silence is not patience and living as a victim is not a virtue in My kingdom. Let your voice be heard. Look to Me, for My Spirit is coming upon you as the eternal word and it seeks speech, it seeks your vocal capacities to articulate your deliverance by My hand. If you will so speak, I will so do it, says the Father. If you will not say it, I will not do it. I am the one that comes alongside, therefore I am calling you to come alongside Me even as I come alongside you. I said in my word that I went with them working with them, confirming the word with signs following. The word that proceeds out of the mouth of the believer becomes life and substance according to their faith.

Speak My word. Shout My word from the rooftops – even the roof of your mouth. As My word proceeds out of your lips, as My word churns and rumbles in your heart, let it come forth with boldness and articulate it with clarity. I have shown you that which is to come concerning your future. My promise is not a false dream. I will break forth on the right hand and I will break forth upon the left. I will break through and bring you through every impediment. The obstacles will be removed, says the Father, and you will hear my voice as that certain sound. I will come to you even as I came to Adam and Eve in the garden. You will hear My sound whirling upon the breezes of your spirit. You will hear My sound as you step into your home, as you step out onto the street, as you drive down to your place of employment, your place of business. My sound will accompany you and it will ring with clarity and it will ring with deliverance and it will bring forth the liberty that you've been crying out to Me for even this day, says the Lord.

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