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Sow The Seeds Of My Promise

Prophet Russ Walden

The Father says today, I have called you to sow the seed of My promise into the fertile field of your regenerated human spirit. Pluck out the thorns of worry and the thistles of anxiety and plant My goodness in expectation of a rich harvest. Gather out the stones of opinion that cumber the ground of your heart and keep your harvest from its full bounty. Opinions are toxic. Opinions are lethal. The place you make for opinion in your mind is a place where My promise is supplanted, and the ground of your heart becomes unfaithful. Don’t allow My word to become a wayside experience that you lightly touch base with on occasion whereby the enemy easily plucks out the rewards of My promise when My word is intended to grow mighty oaks of My strength to keep you safe in the days ahead.

These are the days of the plowman overtaking the reaper, says God. These are the days when growing up in maturity of faith will produce a bumper crop of My goodness, favor and provision in your life. Search out your heart with candles, looking in every remote corner for those things that offend the Spirit of My grace for the hour is come and I will wait no longer. In this season, I will with finality separate those things above from the things beneath, so when the beneficial rains of answered prayer do come the bounty will be rich and your joy will be unspeakable and full of glory. Reject fear. Reject worry. Reject the casual sleepy posture of disinterest in My word. Embrace My promise and pray My promise. Expect a NOW salvation to come to your household leaving a blessing behind and going before you securing your destiny and leading you on to My brighter day.

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