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Shame is No Longer Your Portion!

Open the gift of heaven and receive a full measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over as the angels around you pour out of the bushel baskets of My treasures everything that is needed to fulfill and satisfy and complete you in the anointing and the mantling of My purpose. I am healing your body. I am moving in your relationships. I am funding your vision - the wealth of the nations is now at your disposal as financial miracles take place that are defining your income bracket and causing debt to be destroyed and surplus to be your portion - for you are in business with Me and in covenant with My throne for a total and complete measure of freedom from impoverishment in any form - this is your day!

The Father Says Today: November 18th, 2020

By Prophet Terri Allen

The Father says today, I am One who sees. I see you child of God. I see your faithfulness. I see your heart after My own. I see how you have watched over those in your care. I see your good works. I see how you have given when it seemed there was nothing left to give. I see what has been stolen from you and I see how you have responded when no one else could see. You will have your reward and recompense, says the Lord, for I will repay and repay with interest. My blessing is without penalty or sorrow and will make you rich and wealthy.

Now is not the time to sit down in your chair and watch Me call all the others around you to the harvest fields, but now is the time for you to stand and await your new orders. I am doing a new thing in this hour. What you have done before and where you have gone in the past is changing and there is a new guard arising. You are My faithful one and you will not be left behind. You are My beloved one and the apple of My eye. Prepare to go with Me where none have gone before for this is the hour to receive your new orders. Behold, My angels are waiting upon My command and they await the fruit of your lips as you respond to the new day ahead. For I am the Lord of the Harvest and the fields are ripe. It’s time to ride, says the Father.

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