September Will Bring Divine Reversal

A Word by Rosangela Atte

Last night I dreamt of a woman, whose name means "holy". She was telling me that her son, whose name was Christian, had asthma and that when he reached the 9th level of this asthma, she wouldn't know what to do and that's when God intervened! As she was explaining this to me, I saw the number 9 and a circle floating in front of me. Then I heard the voice of God say, and saw the words written in the sky: "Divine Reversal".

September is the 9th month; the number 9 means completeness, the end of a cycle, and it also represents the 9 spiritual gifts. Rosh Hashanah, which is the head of the Jewish new year, falls in September. New year, new season, in the natural and in the spirit.

This is what The Biblical Meaning of Numbers from One to Forty by Dr. Stephen E. Jones says about the number 9:

Teth (9) is a snake in Hebrew. It can also signify being surrounded, for the snake was often pictured in a circle swallowing its tail. The number nine speaks God’s “visitation.” This is a Hebraism that pictures God as an Investigator “visiting” a person, city, or nation to expose the hearts, gather evidence, and “see” firsthand, as it were, the truth of a matter. It is much like a divine court case where the evidence is uncovered and presented to the judge for judgment.

As I asked God for more insight, He started speaking to me about the Divine Reversal He Is about to bring to people’s lives.

I believe The Lord is going to allow things to get worse, before He'll turn them around and reverse the situations! Some of us will feel as the breath has been knocked out of our lungs. He's going to allow some of us to hit rock bottom, so He can uncover, expose and reveal what's hidden in our hearts. He's bringing things full circle in many of our lives so we can get right with Him. He's bringing an end to this season in order to start a new one. New wine needs new wine skins. He's going to also allow some of us to feel surrounded, encircled and pressed by the enemy before He's going to come in and reverse the circumstances. He's going to deal with the enemy and the attacks on His children. He's going to be judging from His Righteous seat and bring about Divine Reversals in many people's lives! He's overturning what the enemy has done! He'll take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for good!

You're going to feel sicker before you're going to get better! You're going to feel more desperate before you'll feel hopeful and receive the solutions to your problems. You're going to feel abandoned before you feel loved and blessed. You're going to have to let go of much and many.

To bring about a DIVINE REVERSAL, the situation has to become humanly impossible to change! That's how and when He shows up! Always! Always at the 11th hour! Always when you least expect it!

So don’t be discouraged and dismayed if what is happening around you is getting worse, it just means He Is about to intervene in your situation! The enemy will try to take your eyes off of Jesus to focus them instead on the circumstances! Don't let him! He is bringing distractions! Stealing your joy, killing your future! In the fire, in the pressing, you are being transformed, you are being mantled, yo