🔥Prophetic Word: Your Harvest Will Drop from the Air

A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh

I saw in the Spirit the Lord was highlighting the months of July through December of this year, and then also highlighting the months of July, August, and September separately.

I asked the Lord what He had in mind for these two overlapping, yet distinct, periods of time, and this is what He said:

“The months of July through December will be 180 days of ‘healthy, wealthy, and wise' for My people.

It will all start with the three-month period of time from July through September. In this season, before the Feast of Tabernacles, I am building Myself a house. My house is in you, and I am building you up and rebuilding you; putting you back together in a new way.

During this three-month season, you are to focus on your health in every way. You are to let Me build you and remake you into a new spiritual house for Me; for My Spirit to dwell in.

Think not that the former things are good enough. You have made great strides, but I have a whole new level of health and fulfillment for you in this season.

In this season of health from July through September, surround yourself with healthy things and make a healthy environment for yourself.

It is not My will for you to live in chaos or disarray. Again, you have made great progress. I am SO proud of you, My beloved child! But we have a long way to go together, and now is the time when