Prophetic Word For The Wild Ones, Reformers, & Justice Fighters - This Is Your Moment!

A Word by Nate Johnston

GET READY FOR A RUDE AWAKENING “I have opened the gates and I have decreed that the time is over for those who been in waiting for this moment. The moment I have prepared them for is here, and now the earth is in for a rude awakening because my front-liners are stepping into the light. They are my movers and shakers and demonic stronghold breakers and here they are to usher in a season of the revealing of my Glory through my bride.” THEY ARE THE UNDIGNIFIED, CLOTHED IN GLORY, COMING FROM THE WILDERNESS “Right now, I am bringing them out of exile. I am gathering them from all over the earth where they have been hidden and in waiting for a long season. They have wondered if I had abandoned them or if they would ever be used in the kingdom because they were never fully accepted as a part of it, but right now they are emerging in the world’s greatest moment of pain and the churches hour of desperation. “They are my undignified David’s that care more for my presence and my will and my plans than the wise plans of man. They aren’t politically correct or motivated by reputation, but they have only one thing in their sights – and that is worshiping me and giving me glory. Can you see them coming? Will you have eyes to see them? Will my church accept them? Will they keep turning them away?” “They haven’t been given a red-carpet welcome, but they will be clothed in so much Glory it will be hard to deny them anymore. The fire of my presence is all around them and they aren’t here to play games but to carry the torch of revival and establish my kingdom on the earth.” THEY AREN’T REBELS, THEY ARE THE RESCUE TEAM! “Remove the barricades and the gate-checks, for they aren’t the rebels they have been seen as but they are in fact the rescue team! They didn’t quite fit the mold and they didn’t measure up to the standards of the institution, but they are sons and daughters who know my heart and know my house well. They have been in hiddenness for this very moment to bring HOPE to where many are prophesying hopelessness. They are the ones who have my eyes and see how I see. They know what is to come next. They aren’t swayed by temporary storms, but they are the ones that will point the way to where I am moving and what I am doing.” “Look now –  they are peeling back the veil and lifting up the curtain. They are speaking into what is to come and they live from that reality. If you want hope again, watch where they are going! They are setting the stage for the new production and unraveling the new blueprints and plans I have given them.” THEY WILL USHER IN A MOVE OF HOLINESS & BREAK TIES WITH MIXTURE “I am using them to raise a new standard for my people. Where there have been foxes that have stolen from my people and their faith for generations, I am restoring faith. Where foxes have come and stolen the revelation of my abiding glory, my signs and wonders, and my healing virtue, they will restore It. They will point the church back to true north and clear the overheads. They will come with their hammers and chip off the pieces of rock that have been stumbling blocks and not building blocks, hindrances and not stepping stones. They are coming as a sign of the new wine and the beginning of a new era of my church. I am not shutting down church as we have known it, but at the same time the church will never be the same way it was ever again. What had to be shaken was shaken. What had to fall and die fell and died, and what didn’t have my Spirit upon it is right now breathing it’s last. For I am jealous for my bride to be the PURE bride!” “What they thought was rejection from the mainstream culture was in fact my protection for an upcoming season. And that season is here now. They have been set apart so they could usher in a move of my Holiness and power. A holiness so mighty that it will reveal the thoughts and intentions of men and reveal who is for me and who is about building their own kingdom. This is a move of purity that is exposing the double-mindedness, duality, and mixture that has subtly crept into the hearts of believers and disconnected them from my heart.” THEY WILL BE THE BRIDGE BUILDERS & RESTORERS “Their hammers will be mighty, and they will seem ferocious, but it isn’t out of rage but out of righteous conviction to set the record straight and RESCUE & LEAD the church forward. In fact, I am right now baptizing them afresh with a love for the church in all of her expressions and parts so that they won’t be the demolition team but the bridge-builders. Like Nehemiah, they will grieve that parts of the city are in rubble and they will build and restore what has been broken down.” “They will raise up other builders and teach them to build the new while still honoring what has been built before them. They will seamlessly connect the seasons and the moves of my spirit and reveal the pathway forward for my pioneers to run in. For many have said “They are against what I have built!” but I have not raised them to tear down what I have given you to build, but to tear down the enemies work and add and increase what you have been building. I have given them an anointing to see the cracks in the foundations and to fix and address them.” THEY WILL BREATHE LIFE INTO DRY BONES, BROKEN SYSTEMS, & BURNT OUT MOVEMENTS “And as they build, they will breathe life into the dry bones of dead and burnt out movements that religion tired out and caused to ex