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Prophetic Word for September 2020

A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Jamie Rohrbaugh is an international speaker whose passion is to see sons and daughters walk in the manifest presence of God. Jamie blogs for a global readership at (where she writes about prayer and the prophetic word), (focusing on Kingdom wealth and entrepreneurship), and (Spanish-language blog about the supernatural lifestyle). She is a frequent contributor to Charisma Magazine, The Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, and various other ministry outlets. Jamie serves as a domestic missionary in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Hey beloveds, Today, I heard the Lord say these two very specific prophetic words for the month of September 2020: 1. “September is the month of unfinished projects. Don't carry them over into the new year, 5781.” I asked the Lord for details on this and He said: “Amazing opportunities are going to come to you soon, and you cannot be held back by the stress of unfinished projects. Finish everything you've gotten started, so you can start fresh in 5781.” Well, 'nuff said about that. Let's get right to work! 🙂 And word #2: 2. Pray with IMPORTUNITY! The word “importunity” is my word for the month. When the Lord quickened this word in my spirit, I saw a mental picture of myself sitting down at a table with God. I had a request for the Lord, and He was looking at me. In the vision, I already had His full attention, but I saw myself literally slapping the table in front of me several times (with my open palm) to get His attention and to emphasize my request–and to encourage His response. It's just like what might happen if your child approached you while you were seated at your dinner table, and your child wanted something. To get your attention, the child might tap on the table and say, “Mohhhhm, LISTEN!!!” Or “Daaaad! Listennnn!” (Insert slight whining tone of voice here.) Well, in the same way, imagine yourself sitting down with the Lord. He's already listening to your requests, but you smack the table lightly several times, lean forward, and say, “Dad, listen!!! I need _______! Will You do that for me, please?” Father wants us to pray this way. I heard the Lord say: “Sharpen your importunity game! You have no idea what is possible because of your relationship with Me, but I want you to know. To find out, I need you to pray with importunity!

Tell Me that I can do them, and that You believe I can do them. Emphasize it! Point out to Me that, not only do you believe I can do them, but that you know I want to do them! Pray with importunity, beloved! Ask Me for things you have no business asking for. Ask Me for what you need, want, and desire. Ask Me for things You only dream of seeing happen. Ask Me for big things and bold things. Make a withdrawal on the credit of our relationship–yours and Mine, My child. The credit of our relationship will get you everywhere with Me, and it's all through the blood of My Son Jesus. The price has already been paid for you to have whatever you want. Anything you want, everything you want. You have not because you ask not. Please start asking! If you need money, ask Me. If you need help, ask Me. If you need comfort, ask Me! No matter what you need, you have got to ask Me! I desire to wake up the non-askers in September. I desire for the non-askers to become askers. I desire for the un-passionate to experience a craven hunger. I desire for you to receive everything you need from Me first, and then you can function rightly with the world.” If you're already asking, I heard the Lord say this: “Pray with importunity even if you're already asking. Take what you're doing and 10x it. Make it louder, stronger, feel it with more passion! Put the fire of God in it–MY FIRE! I desire you to 10x what you are doing in September, and I mean this very seriously. I made you to function with your whole heart. You are to be enthusiastic! Remember that the root of the word “enthusiastic,” or “en-thus,” means to BE FULL OF GOD. I desire you to take your life every day by force, filled with the enthusiasm of God! I am in you! Is that not something to be excited about? I am for you! I have never lost a victory, and I never will! And I am with you; you are not alone; I have not left you comfortless! Ask today; and, I say, ask again! Even if you have to take communion with every meal, ask again and again and again! I want you to harass Me. Toddlers go through a stage in which they want only to climb all over you. They desire to be in your lap, hugging your back, leaning on you, and otherwise being very cute pests who won't leave you alone. I made them like that, and that is My favorite stage of their babyhood! You know why that is My favorite stage of a toddler's babyhood? It is because that is how I made you to be with ME. You are to be all over Me; leaning on Me; climbing on My lap; patting Me with your hands to make sure I'm still there (and I am, and will always be still here). I desire you to harass Me and never leave Me alone! I love it when you do this! When your toddlers climb on you, you may think, “Aww, this is cute” for the first five minutes, but then you generally get annoyed and ask them to stop. But you know what? I never ask you to stop! You need to know My heart. I absolutely LOVE IT when you climb all on Me. I ADORE IT when you mess with My hair, touch My face, and hug Me. I delight in it, for I delight in you.  My Son Jesus is with Me in Heaven in bodily form, but I miss YOU. I need YOU. Granted, I am God and do not technically need anything, but My heart has chosen to love you and therefore to need you. I desire your companionship, and I desire you to know Me.  I desire you to act like My child, for you are My child. You are My child, with all the rights and privileges which come with that relationship. You are My child with all the inheritance which comes with that position. And you are My delight, with all the gifts, hugs, kisses, snuggles, and joy which come with that. So ask Me. Ask with importunity. Press into Me more than you ever have before, and press into Me FOR more than you ever have before. I delight to give you whatever you want, for you are My delight. Love, Papa.” Wow! Thank You, Daddy God. I love you so much. Thank You for this word.

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