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Prophetic Declaration Over You

Word by Nate Johnson

I prophesy that the tide of the spirit-war that has been against you is turning and you are about to come out of word-warfare being your norm.

You are about to feel God shift you out of feeling helpless and powerless to block the chatter that constantly affects your home and keeps you in defeat.

Where you were constantly attacked and plundered, you will move out of survival and daily fighting for your life and get the upper hand.

You are coming up higher in this season – above the assignments of character assassination and verbal arrows sent to manage you, contain you, and derail your purpose.

Where you have faced years of critical words, judgments, accusations, labeling, and ownership – God is canceling their hold on your life.

Where you have had your dreams and sleep robbed, your peace and clarity robbed, feeling foggy, confused, and heavy, God is right now bringing freedom back.

Where you have wanted to give up your purpose and hide, had doors blocked, answers delayed, and your name dragged through the mud – God is justifying you and vindicating you!

Where your home was constantly under fire, your marriage targeted, dealing with strife and restlessness, your kids sick, and never feeling rested or refreshed – God is clearing the air and bringing recompense to you.

Right now God is declaring a “No access zone” around you and your enemies will no longer have any entry point into your life.

He is revealing hearts and showing you the people who have been speaking against you to trip you up, usurp you, and speak demonically into your life.

He is giving you discernment to see the areas you have cast your pearls and given information and opened doors to the wrong people and alignments.

The words were sent to shut down your prophetic words because the enemy could sense the purity of your own voice and wanted to kill it in its infancy, but the words are lifting and the muzzles and silence that have shrouded you are coming off.

The control, manipulation, and queen bee syndrome that has kept you on the sidelines is being dealt with. God is shattering their insecure words and jealousy and restoring what was lost, delayed, and held back.

Healing is coming to you where the wounds were so deep you haven’t been able to see beyond them. But the oil is being poured over you to restore the years the locust ate and give you back your passion.

This is where you feel a fresh roar begin to erupt from your inner being and a call to leave the trenches behind and begin your odyssey in your kingdom without the restraints you have been used to.

This is where you leave the battlefield behind, shake off the dust, and leave the lifestyle of bloodied battle and survival behind.

This is where you leave your victim mentality in the dust and your tattered cloak, and watch God settle the score you have been trying to do on your own.

This is where you leave the trenches and scale the mountain to fight from a different place, from victory, from peace, and from rest.

You have been lost in the storm, fighting the wrong fight, fighting fire with fire, but now you will clearly see the smoke and mirrors that were set to distract you and you will disengage.

Now watch as God leads you up higher above all the noise, above all the chaos, and seats you with Him in heavenly places where you are UNTOUCHABLE. This is where you leave the soul fight, and the mind battle, and learn to fight differently.

Watch now as God takes you above the snake-line where nothing can bite you and poison you anymore.

In the days to come you will no longer be affected by the warfare you once faced – it will no longer even be on your radar.

You will know how to live like an eagle and lead others to the same place of safety and protection God led you to that broke you out of the silent prison you were in.

This is your moment of freedom where the Lord is changing your address, showing you that peace is your birthright, victory your normal and that your legacy doesn’t have to be one of constant hardship.

Even right now the Holy Spirit is healing you, severing every tie and emancipating you from every word curse and demonic torment that has shut you down and kept you in a rut. I command you to be FREE now in Jesus’ name!

Many of you will feel the fire of God over your body, some will feel peace, some will feel like oil flooding over the mind, but many will know there has been a shift. Something has lifted. As word assignments lift, doors will open, healing will come to bodies, and clarity will be restored. This is your deliverance from warfare moment!

Forgive those that have spoken words over you. Bless those who persecute you. Stay out of chatter and talking about people. Live a worship lifestyle and non-reactionary to the enemy. Take communion often – the blood speaks a better word! Put your war boots on as a fight-back! Refuse to lay down – get out of bed and rebuke what is coming at you. Remember where you are seated and live from that place.

I prophesy that you are coming up higher in Jesus’ name!

Esther 9:1 – "On the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the month of Adar, the edict commanded by the king was to be carried out. On this day the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, but now the tables were turned and the Jews got the upper hand over those who hated them."

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