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Miracles In Marriages

A Word by Lana Vawser

Recently I heard the Lord say “Miracles in Marriages”. The Lord showed me that there are SIGNIFICANT miracles that are increasing in marriages right now and will continue to in this new era. The Lord showed me that where many have been battling through marital issues that have seemed to go from “bad to worse” by the power of His Spirit moving miraculously within the marriage, the marriage is now going to go from glory to glory and strength to strength. There are MAJOR miracles taking place in marriages right now. The Lord is restoring marriages and He is restoring families. The Lord showed me that many marriages have been navigating some of the most difficult terrain they have ever faced and have almost come to breaking point in many ways but the hand of the Lord is moving and bringing miraculous restoration and these marriages will now go forth in healing, strength, restoration and empowerment and pioneer new things with the Lord and be used powerfully by the Lord in uncharted territories to see the Kingdom of God extended. “RESTORING THE ROMANCE” I heard the Holy Spirit say “I am RESTORING the ROMANCE”. I saw many tired marriages. I saw many dry marriages. I saw many weary marriages. I saw many marriages that have walked through the fire so intensely that it has left them feeling broken and disconnected. The Lord is and will continue to “RESTORE THE ROMANCE”. The Lord showed me that the restoration will be deep and the romance will be deeper and stronger than it has ever been. I began to see visions of couples getting married on their wedding day and the look of love, joy, excitement and expectancy in their eyes. The Lord showed me that He in the restoration He is not only restoring the romance but He is increasing the romance. I heard the Holy Spirit whispering over some of the most tired, broken and strained marriages right now “Get ready to fall in love again”. God is going to not only restore your marriage, but strengthen your unity and you will know joy in your marriage like you have NEVER known before. The sense surrounded me SO strongly that the battles, struggles, pain and trauma many of you have endured, that is coming to a close and a NEW CHAPTER is opening in your marriage that will be full of such deep connection, joy and strength as man and wife. I WILL DISSOLVE THE PAIN AND ROOTS OF BITTERNESS There has been so much pain, trauma and bitterness that has taken root in hearts in these marital issues and struggles many of you have endured. I saw many crying out desperately for the Holy Spirit to set them free from the pain and trauma. I saw many crying out “God how do I let go? How do I let go of this pain and forgive? Jesus help me!” I then heard the Holy Spirit say “EXPECT ENCOUNTERS”. Jesus is navigating the pain, the trauma with you. As you continue to go to Him with the pain, He will HELP YOU to forgive. I saw MANY condemning themselves because they were having a hard time forgiving. CHOOSE to forgive as an act of obedience to the Word of the Lord, as an act of your will and know that the Lord is ministering to your heart and will continue to minister to your heart. God is dissolving the pain and removing the roots of bitterness by His Spirit and His love. The key is EXPECT an encounters where the Lord is going to manifest Himself and His Word so powerfully that you will be set free. The revelation of His love, His forgiveness, His beauty will shift unforgiveness, trauma, pain and bitterness in your heart. BE ON GUARD! THERE IS A SPIRIT OF DIVISION COMING AGAINST MARRIAGES TO DIVIDE BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO STEP INTO I heard the Holy Spirit say “Be on guard! There is a spirit of division coming against marriages to divide because of what you are going to step into”. Guard your marriage. Follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Guard your marriage in prayer. Be aware of the schemes of the enemy and guard your marriage through your decree of the Word of God. Surround your marriage, do not let your guard down. For MANY marriages are transitioning into their greatest season of increase, breakthrough and partnering together to see the Kingdom established in ways you’ve never seen before so the enemy is attempting to ‘divide and conquer’. Stand your ground TOGETHER and watch and see a fresh commissioning to go forth together in new and amazing ways to see the Kingdom of God established. As you stand together you WILL not be taken out right before the threshold but you will crossover.

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