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Looking to Jesus

Prophet Russ Walden

The Father says today I am with you in the battle; there will not one hair of your head be singed by the fire that rages around you. Know I am your shield and your protection. Where others seemingly with greater faith have faltered, you will excel and soar into triumph. Remember, the exhortation of scripture is "looking to Jesus!" If you look to this great one or some other testimony, you are setting your sights too low. Men fail. Men struggle and experience inconsistent results at times. That is not your portion, and that is not the bar that I have set for you. I haven't chosen you to display human frailty. I have chosen you to manifest greater glory. That is your assignment. To be a carrier of the greater glory that causes you to move forward where all others have turned back and been delayed and denied. Trust Me. Trust the testimony of My word. You will not be disappointed or come to failure on a single score.

In the situation you face, I will prove My keeping power to many as they witness the lengths I will go to protect, defend, and preserve you in the coming months. Your testimony will be, "I abide in the secret place of the Highest, and under the shadow of His wings He does hide me." I have prepared a table laden with good things for you, says the Father. From its bounty, you will find many needful things and many things that I have released to you simply because I love you. I find pleasure in the act of prospering you. Would you not find pleasure in supernaturally providing for those you love? If you (being but dust) would so love and so supply those you love with an imperfect love, just imagine how sweet it is for Me (the God of the universe) to provision you by My hand. This is a day of proving. You did not ask Me to prove Myself, but I will, nonetheless, prove My faithfulness in you and to you beginning this day in a new and marked way that will be undeniable and sure.

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