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Lift Up Your Head, Set Your Sights On Higher Things.

Word by Prophet Russ Walden

The Father says today, that objects are closer than they appear. There are things you are believing for that seem far off, but they are closer than they appear. There is a God-speed acceleration coming that you might find the exit out of the rat maze of confusion and frustration. The strategy of the enemy is weakening and being exposed. For heaviness of spirit, I give you joy, and for grief and sorrow, I give you rejoicing and celebration. Set aside the grave clothes of despondency and depression. Refuse to see yourself as less than or as disqualified in any way. Receive the cleansing of the shed blood of Calvary that washes away all guilt and shame. Your worth is not determined by who you are or what you've done. Your worth is determined by who I AM and what I did for you 2,000 years ago. You have nothing to prove. The blood was enough. Receive that cleansing and let the sacrifice of Calvary be enough for all your heart's need.

I am bringing a healing river flowing over you and from within you. All of the refuse and debris the enemy has sought to clutter your life with is being washed away. The enemy has tried to clutter up your life, he's tried to trip you up, to distract you, and even to destroy you, but as I prayed for Peter that his faith fails not, so the intercession of the throne is ongoing for you in your situation. I have a plan for your life, says the Father, and it is more than just struggling from one complex situation to the next. I am removing all the obstacles. I am clearing out a path. I am bringing you to the sooner not later plan of heaven. Lift up your head. Set your sights on higher things. Refuse to be distracted in any way. Choose to rejoice when the enemy wants you to weep and wail. Let all conflict go and receive the promise of your Father – My promise. For all is well and My favor is surrounding you as with a shield this day.

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