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It's My Good Pleasure To Give You The Kingdom

Prophet Russ Walden

The Father says today, adopt gratitude as your default response to every day’s challenge. Gratitude and thankfulness attract the abundance that the Cross of Christ makes possible on the basis of your faith. Faith, like love, believes all things. Faith knows nothing of despair, fear, worry, or murmuring. Never give voice to the negative. Whatsoever things are pure, perfect, lovely and of good report, think on these things and ever speak these things into the atmosphere around you. Then you set yourself up for the manifestation of “as in heaven so on earth,” even as I said in My word. Your heart and human spirit are designed to generate the spiritual issue, the flow, and character of what your tomorrow’s look like. Your thoughts and your words are the fuel that drives the process I have ordained within you to put you over every obstacle. Fill your thoughts with My goodness and My promises. Saturate your words with the positivity of My word, for My word is quick and powerful and will bring change when you cooperate with the angels around you by giving them something to work with – even your faith.

Be thankful for what you have and not preoccupied with what you do not have. Forgive those who have taken from you and be at peace. For those who have wronged you? Forgive, release, and bless them. Failure to forgive, even to forgive yourself, will hold you captive to the snare of bitterness. Let it go. Why would you give yourself over to the torment of past regret? Regret is not your portion. Everything that has taken place in your life is under My control. I am standing in your past, establishing your present, and speaking into your future. Adopt the end of the plan that I have crafted for you and not the bleak outlook of the finite mind. You are not powerless. You are not without strength, and you are not without the grace that originates in My throne to make everything shift in your life toward highest heart’s desire. Healing? It is your portion. Supply? I’ve given you the power to create wealth. Restoration? I am working. Trust Me. Let Me take it from here. I am leading you and guiding you. I am establishing your steps on the upward path of supply, healing, recovery, and provision, for it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

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