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It Is Here Now!

It Is Here Now!

The day has come. It is here now. There will be no more waiting to see what or when God is going to do it for you. His blessings are upon you now. Receive this in your spirit now in Jesus' name. Feel it in your heart, feel it in your soul. God is saying I have come with many gifts and great blessings for you NOW. Please accept and take them NOW. You do not have to ask me any longer, know that what you need is right there in front of your eyes. I have come with more abundance. Some of you will have to open your eyes a little wider to see. Some will just walk right in. You are marked for favor, therefore I give you financial increases and deliverance. I will enable your abilities where you thought you had none. I will bless your ministries. It is time now to walk out into them. You will begin to see opportunities in spite of adversary. You are having the eyes to see the strategies to resources, the strategy to new ideas, and finances and increase. Increases in every area of your life. I am setting you up with new ideas. The ways and means will be revealed as I will tell you how to multiply. In the mist of adversary you will see many opportunities. I am giving you eyes to see says the Lord your God.

Can We Pray for You? Our Prayer Team is ready to make intercession on your behalf. We believe the Lord hears and answers our prayers. If you are interested in receiving a word for your life or family, please Visit our site and fill out the contact form with your (Full Name.) We are here to service you. Submit your Prayer Request Here:

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