Increase In Jesus Name!

A word of the Lord for you today...from Abba,

I am increasing your RETURN ON INVESTMENT in this season. Like the soil yields lean and large harvest, I'm yielding LARGE HARVEST for you this season say The Lord. Nothing can hinder the increase on your investment I am bringing to you, and to your EXTENDED household. Yes, I will bless those who aren't even looking for me.

Think it not so? Take thought that I loved you before you knew me. On behalf of your investment of prayer, I will bless even those in your family, even some who have YET to know me.

This, so they will know my goodness. And I tell you this now, so that YOU will know it is I AM who is bringing the increase, not your circumstances. I AM bringing the increase. For all good things are of me.

I so desire for you to see my good will and plans for you. I so desire for you to see my continual affections toward you. I so desire for you to embrace this increase as an expression of my love for you. It is the expression of my love for you. I am revealing my nature even more, so that you will grow in trust, and faith in me. So you are freed from prisons of intermittent worry and fear.

My word to you is... my goodness requires nothing of you. Yes, I AM that good. I am not like the world that requires your effort. I only require your belief in my name!

My goodness is being poured out to you, out of my grace; the greater the investment, the greater the return. This is my balance and it is good. Sowing and reaping is a law stemming from Eden. What a king says is law. I am King, and my law will not fail.

I am increasing your return on investments sown in the areas of prayer, finances, and love.

In your relationships, invest love and I will warm their hearts and you will receive love. Some have withheld love, but I am removing the barriers. I have the power to both harden and soften hearts according to my purpose. I will soften hearts in love, sown into one another. Your joy will increase. This is my commandment that you love one