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"I Will Greatly Multiply Your Seed!"

Deborah Perkins

The Lord is Looking for Laborers! I heard the Lord speaking of laborers needed for an incoming harvest. There is no shortage of believers in His Kingdom, but there is a shortage of workers who have the desire and the willingness to plant, nurture, and cultivate godly seed! A.W. Tozer calls committed laborers the "hundredfold Christians." For instance, in America alone, the number of Christian believers who actively engage with the Bible is somewhere between 17-30%. Close to 60% of American believers classify themselves as "disengaged" or "neutral" with respect to reading or using the Word of God.* Friends, we must prayerfully and intentionally plant the Word of God for it to be effective! To see a harvest we must both know and sow the Word! Our prayers of agreement and our prophetic declarations are essential this year, especially in light of the increased censorship of sound Bible teaching Again I heard the Lord say: "My people have an abundance of seed, yet they do not always use it, and so experience enormous lack. Surely I tell you, there are some who do not work; who will not labor for what is good! Choose to be a distributor of My Words, for in My mercy and grace I give all men a chance to know and experience My life. The choice is theirs.  "To devote yourselves to prayer and the Word is to receive the blessings of  'seedtime and harvest.'  This principle is the foundation for expansion in My Kingdom."  Holy Seeds Are Being Released We have a biblical promise that when we sow in tears we reap with songs of joy! It is time to go forth weeping, carrying our bags of seed, so that we can come back again rejoicing. (Psalm 126.) The Lord is giving many of you "holy seeds" to sow into the hearts of family members and friends as you "carry" those whom you love in intercession. Seed reproduces after its kind. These "seeds" may be Spirit-inspired prayers, Bible verses, prophetic words of encouragement, or acts of service. Your activated words of life and blessing will yield an abundant crop. In addition, the Lord decrees that "from the day you set your heart back on the Lord" He will bless you. (Haggai 2.) ​Like Daniel, you will find that the day you begin to pray, an answer is on its way! Words and actions inspired by the Holy Spirit - your "holy seeds" - cause all the nations of the earth to be blessed. It is the sons of the Kingdom whom Jesus calls "good seed" in Matthew 13. As you continue to sow the light of Christ through intercession, declarations, and acts of love, you will see lives saved. (See Genesis 47:19-25.) It is a lie of the enemy that the Lord does not have fresh seeds for you dailyDo not allow the enemy's "tares" to overrun your harvest! The Lord is saying to you today: "Those who linger at My doorways will ALWAYS receive! I always fill; I always feed; My arms are never empty! Every time you position yourself here there will be bread and wine; meat and drink. Those who listen will be filled with My righteousness, and this provision of My own flesh and substance will sustain you and many others. What I give you as seed will expand and multiply into meals for the masses." PRAY with me today Lord, I cherish Your Words! Every "seed" you share is full of life! Fill me today with that which sustains me and nourishes those around me. I decree that Your Words in my mouth will produce expansion and multiplication. They are designed to reproduce what is holy in the world around me. Thank you that light is sown for the righteous, and joy for the upright in heart. I believe that Your Word is a doorway into Your Presence. The entrance of Your Words is bringing light into my spirit, soul, and body as I engage with You. ​I rejoice to see a harvest everywhere You send me!  ​Amen.  Can We Pray for You? Our Prayer Team is ready to make intercession on your behalf. We believe the Lord hears and answers our prayers. If you are interested in receiving a word for your life or family, please Visit our site and fill out the contact form with your (Full Name.) We are here to service you. Submit your Prayer Request Here:

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