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I Receive Newness of Life Today!

Prophet Russ Walden

I Know the Fire is Falling on My Sacrifice Today!  I hear the Father say:  My fire is coming upon your life this very moment, says God, for good and not for evil. I have seen your sacrifice, and I have seen your heart before Me. I have heard your prayers, and My hand is extended to bring the miracle you need. As I answered by fire at Bethel when Elijah prayed, your life is My Bethel this day. Right now, I am responding by fire against the prophets of Baal that mock My promises in your situation. Change is at hand, says God. Transformation is your portion. This day I make things that were dead and beyond hope in your life come to newness of life and total transformation. Get ready and prepare by faith, says God – Accept it and know the answer has come! 

I Receive Newness of Life Today!  Debt is now destroyed, and abundance is breaking out on you today, says the Father. The enemy that predicted that debt would swallow you is this moment consumed by the rod of My mouth. Supernatural supply, unusual miracles, and total provision are yours. The Father says I declare death to debt in your life. I declare compensation and restoration of all that the enemy has stolen. Your benefit, the lost opportunity, the lost blessing is this day restored to you and poured out from on high upon you in double measure. You will see it, and you will rejoice. You will witness My hand at work and say, "Only God could have broken my captivity and set me free!" This is My promise, says the Father, and you will not be denied. 

Supernatural Supply and Total Provision are Mine – Today! The Father says, the breath of My nostrils now consumes delay in your situation. I am not a God of hesitation; I am the God of your now. Now is your portion, and now is your entitlement by the work of redemption upon the Cross. I am not waiting, and I am not hesitating. Open your heart to My now says the Father. Luxuriate in My now. Spend My NOW lavishly on every desire of your heart and every need in your life. I am your NOW God and your NOW resource to break every bondage of the enemy NOW and set your feet to dancing in a field of harvest full and bursting with My goodness on every side and every hand. 

My Days of Waiting are Over! I am a fire from My loins upward, and My loins downward, says the Father. The glory and the fire that Ezekiel witnessed is settling down over you in a detonation of uncommon favor and unprecedented blessing. The Wheel within the Wheel of My glory is bringing you to new heights of power and miracles in My kingdom. You will say, "I dreamed big, but I never dreamed this big." You will say I prayed for big things but I never prayed this big – my God has done great things for Me! This is your moment, says God. This is your turn-around time. This is the hour of My manifest dunamis power to heal and to mend and to transform and radically reshape your life into an AS-IN-HEAVEN-SO-ON-EARTH reality! 

The Wheel within the Wheel is Working in My Life!  Now the Father says specifically to you that the prodigal is coming home. Children that are far from God. Spouses that have turned away and estranged themselves from the family. Broken hearts and broken relationships are being mended. The right of return is now extended, and hearts are changing and turning back to the God of their fathers. Mantles of ministry and anointing that were cast aside for the corn-husks in the swine pen are being picked up again. Your eyes that have been famished to see that one darken your door once more will be lightened by the miraculous and unusual thing that I do by My strong right hand to redeem that lost one from the snare of the fowler and the trap of the enemy. It's coming. It is taking place even now. Believe it. Receive it and claim restoration of relationship as your own. 

Everything Changes for Me Today! Can We Pray for You? Our Prayer Team is ready to make intercession on your behalf. We believe the Lord hears and answers our prayers. If you are interested in receiving a word for your life or family, Please Visit our site and fill out the contact form with your Full name. We are here to service you. Submit your Prayer Request Here:

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