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I Have Heard Your Cry

The Father's Heart Ministry

The Father says today, My voice is as the voice on many waters. The flash flood of My promises is crashing into your life this day to wash away the enemy's work and fill your heart with a testimony of My power. The promise of My word is thundering as My lightning goes out to dislodge the adversary and break every captivity in your life. Open your heart for an outpouring of My power and a demonstration of My majesty, for I have heard your cry. The enemy wants you to think your prayers are unheard, but that is not true. Before the words escaped your lips, the dispatch of heaven was moving toward you laden with everything you need.

The wilderness place you are walking in is giving way to green pastures and still waters. Weakness and faintness of heart are going, and My strength and grace to endure and prevail are coming. Shake yourself from the lethargy of despair. Go out in your day with boldness expecting the best and receiving the best with your faith's expectation, for you will not be ashamed. I am bringing you to completeness in life, soundness in body, and security in your person. Healing is your portion. Supernatural provision is manifesting now. Everything that pertains to life and godliness is yours, so rejoice and open your mouth like a baby bird to receive of the bounty I bring to you this day according to My word.

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