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The Father says today, I am your light and your salvation– there is nothing to fear. I am the strength of your life, of whom shall you be afraid? The enemy comes to devour you in a moment, but I defanged the serpent 2000 years ago on the Cross. He can slither and hiss, but I gave you the power to take up the serpent and as the apostle Paul - shake him off in the fire. Don't be afraid of what the enemy is threatening against you. When you see the enemy spread out before you without shame, take heart. Though you are outnumbered, always remember one man standing in confidence before Me is a majority. When the enemy does his worst, I will do My best.

Refuse then to push the panic button or to take one step beyond the place of rest where I keep you safe. When the assault of hell comes, and the pressure is white-hot – you will be the one left standing. I know what you desire, and I know what you seek after. You won't be disappointed. They have said you will fail. They watch your every step waiting to see you falter, but guess what? They are in for a big disappointment. Every prediction of your destruction is just the measurement by which I will bless you and cause you to excel and succeed while they howl their objections. I am with you. There is nothing to be concerned about. Go out in your day and be careful for nothing, for the day of My favor is dawning over you to bring you out of the darkness and establish your goings before Me always.

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