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Heaven Is Declaring Double Double Double, You Will See The Promise!

A Word by Nate & Christy Johnston


While a simple vision I don’t have words to convey the weightiness of what I felt in that moment. It was the significant and monumental life-altering exchange or handover of property or goods that God has been wanting to get to you. This was no little thing. It reminded me of the ending scene of a home renovation show where the family receives the keys to their new home that has just been built or overhauled and the sign is removed and the house revealed. This was a game changer for many who have only seen robbery and defeat for so long. You are taking possession. This is your handover season of new territory, assignments, and a new day for your family. A new legacy begins right now!


This is where you begin to see what God has been doing behind the scenes of this crazy transitional season that hasn’t made much sense. It hasn’t been a pointless season but a recalibration season, a healing and freeing season. You haven’t been wasting season but a worshiping season and it’s accomplished more than you know. NOW you will see the fruit of staying at His feet. Now you are going to see what he has been designing in and through your surrender. The blanket is about to come off and you will see the tangible results of your co-labor with heaven and blind steps of faith.


As I was in the vision I was quite overcome emotionally as I was witnessing the life changing shift of circumstances for people that haven’t known anything but loss and heartache. The Fathers heart was so intensely burning for you and in longing for you take these keys and open up the new door. Now you will see why God had to close all the doors behind you. Yes it’s been painful but He has so longed for you to step out of that old path and into the new door. But let your heart be refreshed now and don’t look behind you another moment. For every closed door God is opening up new realms of increase of favor you didn’t expect or ever imagine. God is bringing you people that will champion you in this new season and for every betrayal and ended relationship he is bringing you covenant relationships you can rely on and grow with. It’s an new day and new door says the Lord! It’s a new day of walking in a new anointing and authority to bind and loose, to overthrow and to establish the kingdom!


A few weeks back Christy spoke at a LIFE rally and as she was speaking I saw demonic doors closing in the spirit. They were doors of opposition and spiritual bullying that many had been under and being affected by over and over. They were doors opened that were affecting cities and nations and as she lifted up she decree it was shutting doors in the spirit and overturning every assignment of darkness against God’s people and uprooting seats of darkness that were being held.

Right after the rally we lost our car keys in a strange circumstance and instead of finding them we had to get new ones cut. When we received the new ones I heard the Lord say “Your old keys won’t open the new doors”. Many of us need the new keys and the new upgrade in authority God is awakening the church to in this hour.


In the vision I was drawn to the fact that in these hands were given a key ring with two keys on them. Then I heard the Lord say “It’s the DOUBLE-DOUBLE!” Double what? I asked the Lord? “Double access and double restoration!” I heard Him reply. This vision was both the declaration of new access, possession of the promise, and new authority, as well as the return of what was stolen illegally. So many have been illegally robbed in many areas of their lives but it’s ALL coming back!

God is is overturning every opposing voice and bully warfare against you and RE-TURNING what has been lost; in health, in peace, in vision, in your family, and JOY in Jesus name!


What promises are you believing and contending for? I keep seeing homes and land and I feel I need to confirm that for those praying for a home that God’s desire for you is for you to possess that home, that land ln this season. Yes God wants to establish your family for the sake of the kingdom being established through the family. It will require faith to stay tethered to the level of blessing he is moving you into but don’t let go! Don’t let go! You are about to see it! You are about to the possession of it. And I want to prophesy one last thing over you, I hear the spirit of God saying over you today “stretch forth your tent pegs, it’s time to increase and move forward in Jesus name!

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes” Isaiah 54:2

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