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"God Says: I Want to Give a Renaissance of Hope to Your Life"

Word by Cindy Jacobs

This is what I see for you from the Lord. There are some of you that have become hopeless. There are some of you that just feel like nothing is going to ever get better. This is the word of the Lord for you:

"I want to give a renaissance of hope to your life. I want to come in and take away those pillars that satan has built up; the lies that he has told you through your pain, through your discomfort, through your sorrow."

The Lord says, "I am going to rebuild you in the coming season and I am going to take away this hopelessness."

Hope-Building Relationships

God showed me that He is going to bring relationships which are going to be hope builders. He is going to bring people that will surround you when you feel abandoned; people to surround you when you are lonely. (Photo via StockSnap)

The Bible says that God sets the solitary in families, and I see some of you that even though you have people around you, they are not meeting your emotional needs and it has been very hard for you. We can feel lonely even in a crowd, but the Lord says, "No!" There is a hope coming and God has plans for you – to give you a future and a hope!

So, stand up and be willing to say that this hopelessness is not forever. Say: "My situation is not forever and I bind and take authority over the powers of darkness!"

You Are a Hope Bearer!

Hold your mind captive. I literally see some people that feel like they have hands just clamped down like a vice on their head. Some of you have headaches or migraines and I command them to go from you, in Jesus' name! I thank You, Father God, for [Your] healing right now.

The Lord says, "And afterwards (because there's got to be an afterwards), after your testimony, after your healing, then you're going to cause others to have a renaissance of hope. You're going to cause others to rise up in the midst of their pain and sorrow."

God is going to anoint you to be a "hope bearer."

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