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God's Love is Great, Massive and Explosive - a Powerful Weapon

Prophet Russ Walden

Promotion and upgrade are coming to you this day, says the Father, bringing you into unprecedented blessing and favor. I Am giving you double for your trouble. I Am coming to you and My reward is with Me. What you have lost, you will receive a recompense, what you have endured, you will receive restoration, what was dwindled shall be increased. You are not moved by what you can see or what you might feel or sense happening around you. Those may be facts, but facts and circumstances are subject to change, but My Word never changes. Do not be moved by timing, but stand firm in faith, believing what I promised, I Am able also to perform. It’s time to stop complaining and start reigning in life through Christ Jesus.

My love is a greater weapon than any force that man can deploy against you, says the Father. My love is more massive than any army, more powerful than any explosive and this day, My love is deployed against every enemy of your blessing. Know that you are the blessed of your Father in heaven and nothing will overthrow what I’ve said about you. Come into cooperation with My promises.

Be willing to see yourself in My eyes and not through the eyes of others or what circumstance seems to say about you. The mirror that portrays who you really are is the mirror of My Word and not the mirror you look in every morning. I call upon you to look into the law of the liberty of My love and realize that I have extended to you allowances and concessions of liberty and favor to bring you into the very depths and heart of My perfect plan for your life.

Adapt your self-perception this day to a God – inside minded mentality, says the Father. I Am in you and I will never leave you and never forsake you. Even in those times when you could not sense My presence I was on the scene moving and shifting and shaping events around you and sparing you from 1000 mishaps and heartbreaks. Heartbreak and devastation are not your portion. Bitterness and sorrow are not the waters I’ve provided for you to drink from.

Nestle down into the green pastures and drink from the still waters of My peace as I pass over you and cast the cloak of My protection over you, even as Boaz cast his mantle over Ruth for I Am your kinsman redeemer. I choose you, and I Am redeeming you this day, says God, from all the expectation of the enemy. Receive My blessing and receive the fullness of My favor for it is bestowed upon you this day by My hand.

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