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God Has Made a Change

A word Prophetess Joann Hicks

God is changing our minds, spirits and thoughts at this time. He is taking away the fear and making us Bold as Lions. In this day we will not be afraid. He is changing your Angels. Their new presence will be felt even more. You will be made to look at things much different than you had from the past season. For those that know God without a doubt. He says: you know me. You know my voice. I am giving you new directions and I am changing the guards at this moment. There has been a change. I am equipping you and protecting you so that you will make it thorough. There will be new assignments and a new mantle assigned to you. Begin to ask God to increase your faith. Let him put you in places to see him work miracles, signs and wonders all around you. Begin to speak his word so that he can perform it. 

Can We Pray for You? Our Prayer Team is ready to make intercession on your behalf. We believe the Lord hears and answers our prayers. If you are interested in receiving a word for your life or family, please Visit our site and fill out the contact form with your (Full Name.) We are here to service you. Submit your Prayer Request Here:

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