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Give Your All

Prophetess Joann Hicks

Giving is a form of worship. Give everything you got in this life. Begin to worship God with your giving. Don't hold nothing back, Give your all and all. Begin to create a giving heart, Give your Love, Joy, Faith, Prayers, Happiness, Finances, Knowledge, Wisdom, your Anointing. God is watching you and He waits to see what it is you will do. The Father says, your giving, your Love, Joy, Faith, Happiness, Finances, Knowledge, Wisdom, your Anointing and Prayers, I will return to you a Thousand Fold, I will return it all back to you. I gave you first, Now you feed my sheep. My people. As when you do you feed me. Fill your storehouse here in heaven by giving, so that your joy may be full, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Let it go. Let everything go now. Above all, give everything of yourself to me. I own a cattle on a thousand hills, Everything belongs to me. I give to you freely now you give to me freely for surely what I have in store for you will be much greater than you have or could imagine. I will return it to you. Begin to open up  a means to receive.

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