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Forgive, Release and Bless

The Father says today, forgive, release, and bless. Leave all the angst, frustration, and bitterness of the year behind. Press into the unrealized possibilities of the year ahead. Let go of fear, stress, and anxiety, for they are not your portion by My hand. Refuse to give in to worry. Know that your past is no predictor of what the future holds, and your present is no commentary on your past. Make a decision not only to forgive others but to forgive yourself and relinquish all shame and self-recrimination. When the accuser taunts you saying, “if you had made your decisions other than you did, things would be different.” That is the lie of the enemy. Never give in to him on a single score.

Forgive, release, and bless. These are the steps I have placed in your path that leads to life, blessing, and favor. No longer put the least of your energies into fretting over things that could have been different. Stand up instead in the authority of a son of God and move forward, leaning into the mandates of your faith, believing for highest and best. It doesn’t matter though there is no bread in the land or other difficult challenges; I will send the ravens to feed you when others cry to the rocks saying, “fall on us!” What I’m saying to you is you are safe. You are protected, and I am with you. Move forward in faith, expecting to see your highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled and that right quickly.

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