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Daughters Of God, Your New Beginning Is Here

A Word by Lana Vawser 

Recently I heard the Lord say “Daughters of God, your new beginning is here” and the sense surrounded me strongly of the Lord’s heart to encourage the daughters of God that there has been a decree from heaven, declaring a new beginning over you. There HAS been a shift that has been decreed and there is a great UNRAVELLING and REVEALING that is now beginning to take place.

The Lord spoke to me that this UNRAVELLING and REVEALING is beginning to manifest in the lives of His daughters in accelerated ways in this new era. God is UNRAVELLING the chains that have held you. God is UNRAVELLING the mindsets that have contained you. God is UNRAVELLING the oppression that has suffocated you. God is UNRAVELLING the whirlwind of despair and discouragement that have continued to keep you in a place of disorientation. The Lord is now REVEALING exactly what the NEW BEGINNINGS actually look like. You are coming into fresh revelation of your identity. You are coming into greater clarity of your calling. You are coming into greater awareness of the Spirit of God operating in your life and through your life. You are coming into a season of CONFIDENCE in the voice of God and what He is speaking. No longer will you be tossed to and fro by confusion and the enemy “twisting” the word of the Lord, but you are coming forth with an assurance of the Lord’s voice like never before. You NEED this confidence in hearing the voice of God because of WHERE God is going to send you. For the new assignments, the new doors, the new ventures and adventures with Him, the Lord has to make sure that you are concreted and fortified in HIS voice alone. There has been an INTENSE boot camp and resistance training happening for the daughters of God in many ways, where the Lord is building spiritual faith muscles in His daughters. He is building the faith muscles to push back against circumstances or what the enemy is saying and stand in the Word of God alone. The Lord is building the fortification and confidence in His voice alone so the Esther’s may go forth with the fire of His Word in their belly to bring major change with the Spirit of God to cities and nations, to change, shape and influence culture, seeing the Kingdom of God extended. YOU ARE WRITING A NEW STORY I heard the Lord say “You are writing a new story”. The journey is changing. One story has ended and now another begins. The Lord has so many divine surprises for you in this new era and it is the responsibility upon the daughters of God to “BE READY!” It is IMPERATIVE in this hour to be praying and asking the Lord “How can I be ready?” “God what does it look like for me to be ready?” “Lord, make me ready” It is IMPERATIVE that the daughters of God are found with enough oil in their lamps. (Matthew 25) The King of Glory is coming (Psalm 24:7-9) and there is a divine significant moment upon the daughters right now coming further into their identity, inheritance and influence like never before. Don’t be afraid of the new story, it is a story where you will see the Lord MAKE HISTORY in your life and through your life. You will see Him move FOR YOU and THROUGH YOU in ways that are going to change how things HAVE BEEN and how things will be, FOREVER. There is A LOT at stake right now, it is so crucial to be in the secret place with the Lord delighting in Him, knowing Him, keeping the affections of your heart upon Him alone and following His direction. REWIRING AND REQUIRED I had a vision and I saw Jesus working on the brains of His daughters. He looked like a surgeon, the Master Surgeon and He looked up at me and smiled and said “The time for the divine REWIRING has arrived”. The atmosphere surrounded me with the strong sense of the Lord is bringing to the surface in the lives of His daughters the “thought patterns”, the “strongholds of the mind” and the “patterns of thinking” that are not in line with what He says and His Word and the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16) The Lord is bringing those mindsets to the surface right now and in many ways they are coming up “one after another, after another”. Do not panic or be discouraged by these mindsets and ways of thinking arising. The Lord is bringing them up so you can repent of aligning with them, break your agreement with them and ask the Holy Spirit for His truth. In that process a MAJOR rewiring is taking place. Healing, deliverance, freedom and UPGRADE. The Lord then showed me the word REQUIRED. Again the vision of Esther came before me and I heard the Lord say “THEY WILL BE REQUIRED OF” You will be called upon. You will be set up in specific divine moments in this new era set up by the hand of the Lord with your mouth FULL of the wisdom of God to speak forth, to one, to one hundred, to many. Wherever the Lord sends you, but now is the time you are being REQUIRED OF to take your place and move into all that He has for you. Now is the time.(Esther 4:14) You have known deep battles of the mind and torment of the mind but the Lord is breaking it in the deeper training upon you of renewing your mind and living by faith. Living in a higher reality and coming up the mountain. You will be filled to the brim and overflowing with the wisdom of God, heavenly wisdom, discernment, direction and blueprints from heaven. The shift has arrived!!!! Your new beginning has BEGUN! Watch the unravelling and revealing take place!

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