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Breakthrough Word for September 2022

Your relationship with and Me is going off the scale, starting this day, says the Father. You will no longer be able to measure your spiritual experience by what others have testified to. Do not measure yourself by those worthies who have gone on before you. Their experiences are not the boundary of what I Am doing in your life, but rather the starting place where I Am beginning and pouring out a new thing upon you. I say again that where the great ones of days past left off is now the starting place where I Am beginning to bring fresh glory into your life.

The time is now, says the Father. The currents of the river of My purpose are now narrowing and quickening. This is white water time in the currents of My purposes. I Am going to come suddenly and talk to you. This visitation will be so swift that you will look back on it before you know it has occurred. I will drop the download of heaven for this season, which will cause you to upgrade in the glory that is your portion in this hour. Brace yourself, says the Father, for everything begins to change and shift this day.

You are a five-pointed star shining by grace. I promised Abraham of old that his seed would be as the stars of the heavens, and in Christ, this destiny accrues to you. I have set aside many eclectic and unusual relationships for you. Even as I arrange the natural heavens in constellations that they might declare My glory, so I have arranged you in constellations of relationships with people you would not otherwise have anything to do with. So be open-minded, says the Father, not only affiliating with those who think like you, act like you and speak like you. My wisdom is MANY FACETED and, therefore, will be reflected in many people and many different viewpoints through the prism of My word. As you enter into new relationships, you will find fresh wisdom handed to you like a ticker tape proceeding from the glory.

It's a new game and a new set of rules. The cloud as a man's hand is in evidence above you. It is about to get bigger and bigger as the time of abundance of rain comes over your life. You are not looking to "someday, somehow." You are now moving into the things you were created to know, experience, and lead others toward in My kingdom. Adopt the stature of humility and it will bring you into a place of continual new beginnings. You will wear a permanent expression of surprise. Others will accuse you of being a misinformed zealot. The fact is you are walking in a new level of glory. What you have done in your life is a grape compared to a vineyard. Many men and women will build careers distributing the vintage of what I am releasing you to now. It's your blessing time, says the Father – your blessing time has come.

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