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Breakthrough Word for October 2020

The Father says today no more second best! This is your moment for going first-class all the way! The battle is on, and you are coming out of captivity into increase, acceleration, and promotion. Man will not be able to take credit for what I am doing in your life in October, says God. Chains are broken. Walls of imprisonment are demolished. Bars of restriction are ripped away, and you are moving out into full provision and blessing. Write it down, says God. Make the vision plain. Know that you have stepped this day into the rarified atmosphere of signs, miracles, and wonders on a massive scale. I say to you this day that it’s not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord. The mountain of adversity in your life is removed, says the Father. The obstacles and impediments to My blessing are now crushed, canceled, and dissolved in every area of your life. Hold up to Me your petitions, for I will be entreated on your behalf. Let your mouth pray and let your heart believe. Lay hold on My word and confidently expect the full measure of all I have promised until every contradiction to My promise vanishes, is eliminated and discarded as nothing more than a failed ploy of the enemy.

Can We Pray for You? Our Prayer Team is ready to make intercession on your behalf. We believe the Lord hears and answers our prayers. If you are interested in receiving a word for your life or family, please Visit our site and fill out the contact form with your (Full Name.) We are here to service you. Submit your Prayer Request Here:

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