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Be The Love That I Am In The Midst Of Contentious Times

Prophet Russ Walden

The Father says today, not everyone around you is going to be as excited as you because of what I am doing in your life. Remember that I AM LOVE. Determine in yourself to be the love that I am in the midst of contentious times. Choose not to respond in kind or mistreat your detractors in any way. Let love be your automatic response to every provocation. When they curse, respond immediately upon hearing it with a reciprocal blessing. Humility of spirit and quiet trust are your best weapons of spiritual warfare during times of difficulty arising from conflict with others. Love your enemy. Love them from the heart. Cleanse your mind of all animosity toward those that defame and malign you without a cause.

Always remember to remain in an attitude of thanksgiving and gratefulness. My heart tracks the steps of a thankful person to show Myself faithful to act in your behalf at every turn. When your needs are great, My faithfulness is greater. Where you feel left out and disenfranchised, I will draw you to Myself and keep you close in My embrace. When you feel vulnerable, I will enfold you in My feathers as a mother hen who gathers her chicks to shelter them from the storm. Never render evil for evil. Continue to show mercy and trim your words when tempers flare and My Spirit is grieved. In so doing you will know My goodness and experience My favor in the land of the living every day of your walking on the earth.

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