A Word Of Encouragement - The Warfare Of August Is Going To Reveal Diamonds..

A Word by Nate Johnston

Do you ever feel like the warfare and pressure is so intense in some seasons and times and you aren’t sure why? Ever feel like there are weeks that you feel surrounded by obstacles and annoying irritations you can’t seem to shake? What we don’t realize about this warfare is that it’s ALWAYS the enemies counter-play to something God is doing. Remember he doesn’t know what God is doing in your life. Just reads the signs of incoming breakthrough, favor, and open doors and throws his arsenal at you to sideswipe you in those moments. Let’s quickly sum up what I’m talking about and let us know if any of these have been what you have been dealing with;

  • Fear and anxiety suddenly increased

  • Foreboding and fear of future has caused a greater panic in the unknown

  • Feeling lost and your mind confused and clouded

  • Warfare dreams happening more frequently

  • More red-tape and roadblocks appearing

  • Discerning chatter and witchcraft coming at you

  • Slander, accusation, nasty messages, emails, and unfounded judgments thrown like spears at you.

  • Feeling restless, hopeless, and without peace.

  • Things not turning out how you expected, like doors shut, or obstacles were placed in front of you.

  • Lack of clarity, feeling foggy, and without direction.

  • Tormented in your mind, battling defeat, and a deep sorrow and grief.

  • Physical robbery, and things stolen.

  • Relationships and friendships turning on you.

Any of these sound familiar? I felt like August was going to be a pinnacle month like things were brought to head and also the beginning of the crossing over into something new at Rosh Hashanah in September but with that comes warfare because the enemy doesn’t want you to break through. He wants you staying still, in the rut, and not advancing. Gods design is always for us to experience the blessing and breakthrough after seasons of so much intense battle and fight.