40 Prophetic Words for 5781

A Word by Jamie Rohrbaugh Today, I asked the Lord for 40 prophetic words for the Hebrew year 5781. Hebrew year 5781 begins at sundown on September 18, 2020 (Rosh Hashanah). I thought 40 words was a good number to shoot for because I'm actually turning 40 right around now. 🙂 Therefore, I thought it would be fun to ask the Lord to tell me 40 things about this upcoming Hebraic year. So I sat down and listened … and the Lord had plenty to say! I believe these 40 prophetic words for 5781 will bless you. So without further ado, here they are!

  1. 5781 is the year of inheritance. Colossians 1:12.

  2. It is the year of double portion.

  3. 5781 is the year of the hymn.

  4. “The Love of God” is the prophetic song of the year.

  5. It is a year of love.

  6. You will see weddings this year with divine testimonies to accompany them.

  7. You will be first in line to pick up your spiritual children!

  8. It is a year of focused execution (on plans).

  9. It's time in 5781 to invest fully in your home and family. No more distractions.

  10. There will be chaos, but you are to focus so deeply on the love of God that you don't even notice the storm.

  11. The Lord said: “Work hard and believe Me for twice the results in half the time.”

  12. He also said: “5781 is the year of Jubilee for many people. I will help them manifest My mind more than ever before, so that they get free in their emotions.”

  13. The year of freedom from stress.

  14. The year of anointed, purposeful decision-making.

  15. The  year of taking care of your friends. Know who your friends are and take care of them. You ARE your brother's keeper.

  16. The year of gut surgery by the Father's hand. Throughout the year, Father will be taking deep-level hurts and wounds (going back to your birth) specifically out of your gut. Father said: “These are things that have hampered you, both emotionally and physically, and they will be removed if you cooperate with Me.”

  17. It is the year of rising up. Isaiah 60:1.

  18. It is the year to get out of the weeds.

  19. I heard the Lord say: “5781 is the year to focus on the process. Show up to the process DAILY, with or without results–and TRUST ME.”

  20. It is the year of peace and calm–INSIDE.