2021 is Your Onramp to Shift, Change, and Manifest Glory says God!

This is Russ Walden with Father's Heart Ministry. For the year 2021, the Father says this is your season for ruling and reigning. God has given this to me over and over for you. The days of mediocrity and slow descent into struggle and disappointment are over. I know your heart says God – this day, you are no longer being suffocated by fear but are now launching into a year-long increase of the intensity and breakthrough in My glory.

Three Altars will be Built in Your Life this Year

Face to face encounters in My Shekinah-Kabod weightiness are coming. They are here NOW. Open eye visions like a TV screen in front of you are manifesting as the heavens roll back as a scroll, and on your altars, I am answering by fire. I see an altar of consecration being built in your life in February. I see an altar of confrontation like Elijah with the prophets of Baal taking place in July. In the fall of the year, I see an altar of consummation erected with a great visitation of angels and the power of My Spirit present in September.

Prophet Russ – I will be an Altar Builder and God will Answer by Fire!

The turning of the year is a turning of the tide for you – things are going to DIFFERENT says God – can you spell DIFFERENT? It is spelled "unprecedented outcomes" in your life and situation. The fire of My glory is coming. Bodily translation, as in Philip's the Evangelist’s case, will be visited upon you. You will be taken from one encounter to another encounter, and Enoch and Elijah will accompany you on the way. Time and happenstance are yielding like butter sliced through by a hot knife.

Prophet Russ – the Tide is Turning for Me this Year!

In a moment of time, the parameters of what you've learned and what you think you know are being shaken to their foundation as a FRESH FIRE and unprecedented outpouring of glory are coming to bring you to the high places and cause you to ride in prosperity beyond what you've ever known. The days of not knowing whether you are