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2021 is Your Onramp to Shift, Change, and Manifest Glory says God!

This is Russ Walden with Father's Heart Ministry. For the year 2021, the Father says this is your season for ruling and reigning. God has given this to me over and over for you. The days of mediocrity and slow descent into struggle and disappointment are over. I know your heart says God – this day, you are no longer being suffocated by fear but are now launching into a year-long increase of the intensity and breakthrough in My glory.

Face to face encounters in My Shekinah-Kabod weightiness are coming. They are here NOW. Open eye visions like a TV screen in front of you are manifesting as the heavens roll back as a scroll, and on your altars, I am answering by fire. I see an altar of consecration being built in your life in February. I see an altar of confrontation like Elijah with the prophets of Baal taking place in July. In the fall of the year, I see an altar of consummation erected with a great visitation of angels and the power of My Spirit present in September.

The turning of the year is a turning of the tide for you – things are going to DIFFERENT says God – can you spell DIFFERENT? It is spelled "unprecedented outcomes" in your life and situation. The fire of My glory is coming. Bodily translation, as in Philip's the Evangelist’s case, will be visited upon you. You will be taken from one encounter to another encounter, and Enoch and Elijah will accompany you on the way. Time and happenstance are yielding like butter sliced through by a hot knife.

In a moment of time, the parameters of what you've learned and what you think you know are being shaken to their foundation as a FRESH FIRE and unprecedented outpouring of glory are coming to bring you to the high places and cause you to ride in prosperity beyond what you've ever known. The days of not knowing whether you are in the body or out of the body have come. Third heaven access is granted. You will be caught up as the man-child and present yourself at the portal of third glory. The angel custodians will see Me looking at them through YOUR face and say "GRANTED," bowing themselves to usher you into those precincts of My habitation where destinies are forged and miracles are dispensed as a rain of fire and manifest glory.

Wrap your faith around what I am saying says the Lord your God. Mix your joyful expectation with the mandates of your faith, and you will NOT BE DENIED! The skeptic? He is excluded. The mocker? He is expelled. The sarcastic? He will fall into the pit of pessimism that he dug to snare those who believe and take Me at My word. You are not disqualified, says God. I call you QUALIFIED, and I call you RIGHTEOUS, for I have washed your garments in the shed blood of Calvary, and you now stand before Me robed in white and shining as the driven snow. The wheat of your harvest, the blessing and the favor you've cried out for are coming with the full corn in the ear, and the angel reapers bringing the harvest of My fulness into My storage places that you might FLOW OUT and know the TRANSFER OF THE WEALTH prophesied of old and brought forth in full manifestation in your life. You are not the possessor of limited resources to your own greater need, for I have made you a CONDUIT of riches, wealth, and blessing as a RIVER flowing out to the initiatives of My kingdom. Say to the well, "spring up!" Say to the river, "FLOW!" You will not go unheard. It is a new day and a new time, and I call you a participator in the SHIFT that I am bringing upon the earth.

Vision is renewing, and dreams long forgotten are being reconstituted. COVID is forgotten, says God! There is NO SHUT DOWN in the economy of My kingdom. There is no social distancing by those who stand here by Me. As the sons of God sang for joy at the founding of the underlayments of the earth, so you are My witness standing beside Me as I do a NEW THING that men have not seen or experienced since the days I brought My people out of bondage under the leadership of Moses. Moses-leaders are standing up, leading NATIONS to freedom. The pharaohs, despots and elitist malefactors, and criminals are being exposed. My Holy Nation is standing up, and all the principalities and their powers and those who serve them in darkness will fall groveling at the feet of My Holy Ones. Change is at hand. The enemy is fading, and the glory is coming. I say to you COME OUT from AMONG THEM and know that from this day, you are a STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND. Go into the house of heaven I have made you to be and put the BLOOD ON YOUR DOORPOSTS, for I am passing through the ranks of the godless oppressors – I will work wonders and bring the small and the great to a profound recognition of My sovereignty over the earth. They will see that YOU are the last ones standing and they will come to you trembling, saying, "Take us to your leader! We cannot live this way any longer.

A return of the GREAT AWAKENING is coming. It will wash ashore on the upper east coast of the United States. Albany, New York will be awash in My glory. I will cleanse Albany, New York from its foulness, and those who hide in darkness and work their deceit and wickedness in the secret places will be abruptly exposed in a moment of time. Many who have worked deceit and oppression on the earth will come to total repentance in the outpouring of My Spirit. I say to those of My people in Albany who have not soiled their purity in the corruption of that city – I choose you this day to walk before Me robed in white. Now comes the unleashing of a Spirit of Repentance beginning in Albany and surging like an unstoppable wave throughout the United States and to the world's farthest corners.

Get ready, says God. Gird up your legs like men, for it is time to overtake the footmen and run with the horsemen of the earth who go to and fro bringing about My will. The sun will stand still. The moon will withhold her shining. NASA will become a testimony to My divine interruption in the affairs of men to show them My glory and bring a total, irresistible presence of My Spirit even in NASA facilities. They will pass through the gate and be found overwhelmed in the intensity of My Spirit, seeing visions and hearing answers to questions science and those in space travel have long asked. My angel, standing with one foot on the land and one on the sea will answer, and space exploration will be radically advanced.

There will be a Soviet – yes, a Soviet satellite that will come down, and a dark plan of Vladimir Putin will be exposed. It will be the beginning of the end of his regime. There will be an outpouring of My Spirit in a sovereign way in North Korea that they will be unable to hide or deny. North Korea will fall to My army just as Rome fell, and Constantine bowed the knee before the Cross. North Korea will only proceed in the earth under the sign of the Cross. It will become a center of evangelism and truth and glory because the scoffers have refused to see or accept what I will now do as though in a moment of time.

God says, are you ready? Questions in your heart are now to be answered. Polluted covenants that have bound you are now being broken off of you like chains of restriction. Limitless glory and the unfiltered exposure of a face-to-face relationship with Me will cause your face to shine like Moses' and even more so. In the streets and in the byways, My army of saints is rising up, saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Men will attempt to seduce them, and those men will fall in a moment of time. Governments and leaders will reach out by their power to suppress the gospel, and they will be unable to resist the intensity of My goodness and glory surging like a tsunami of power across their cities and towns and capitals.

Washington DC will be ground zero of a detonation of an outpouring of My Spirit. Business as usual will stop, and new initiatives will come that will honor My name and result in an altar to My rule over the affairs of man on the capital mall in the shadow of the Washington monument. These things I shall do in the world and these things shall l do in the earth and you will drink deeply of My glory and My goodness and will be a FULL PARTICIPATOR in the blessing that is coming and will be left behind to address EVERY DEFICIT, NEED, DEBT AND LONGING IN YOUR LIFE says your God!

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