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Katavia Watson
Amen! I receive this word. I am currently being tried in the fire, and I know that elevation is coming. You are truly speaking confirmation. Thank you!

David Grant
First of all thank you very much for the word. Both the timing and the content of it are very helpful. I will speak first of my life a bit by way of response.
Yes, I have not walked a typical journey. I have been in traditional full time ministry, and have also worked in drug rehab and prison settings. More recently, we have been involved with overseas short term missions. Primarily in India for the last eight years. But even there, it hasn't been traditional. For four of those years I was not allowed to get a visa, and I had to watch my wife go alone. Then one morning Holy Spirit woke me up and said very loudly, "it is time". At first I did not know what He meant, but within a couple of weeks I had a ten year visa that I had not applied for. I made three trips there in about 15 months and saw Him move in wonderful ways.
In all of this process, I have also had much of a sense of tearing down as part of the preparation process. I have experienced encounter in many ways, but my heart has remained unsatisfied. This has been an over 6 year process. I get told I am a spiritual father, and still my heart longs for more of Poppa.
Your word has come unexpected at a time when my heart has felt worn down by this necessary but difficult tearing down process. I have felt like I have been the little boy with his nose pressed up against the glass, watching all the happenings, while my heart cries out "I have gifts to share too"! You spoke of strength and increase. That lifts my heart. He continues the great exchange process, my heart for His. I need His to carry the glory.
A new Era and a new shift. I am so longing for that. I want to be on that mighty wave. That is exactly what I am pressing after. Am I ready for this new move? Actually, lol, I have discovered that I am never completely ready! That is the humbling part of going through a six year tear down process. But I am always passionately willing. Even to the point of my last breath and my last drop of blood.
New techniques, yes that also resonates, and God has been nudging us into potential new methods we had not previously given a lot of thought to. Which yes indeed has naturally led to the "what is next" thoughts. I will embrace the call for more prayer.
So your word has been extremely timely and much on point. I declare those blessings are mine and I receive them this day.
Thank you for your faithfulness.
Dave Grant

John Mattosky
Joann, This resonates with me deeply. This is spot on exactly what’s going on with me and my wife family. Tyvm for this wonderful word. It’s been a very difficult several years in my life and this greatly encourages me!!

Kathy Peerson
Thank you for this word Joann. You pretty much nailed it. I do love to soar in the spirit and to be free in Jesus. Because of circumstances in my life, I don't always have as much freedom as I want. God knows my heart and I know He is with me on my path of life. And it is a straight and narrow path.
I am a generous and kind person. Sometimes being too sensitive to others needs and hurts.
Right now there are serious illnesses and a death in my family and it hurts my heart. I pray for hope and joy to overtake us in the days ahead.
Blessings to you and thanks again.

Rebecca Ahlstrand
Thank you Joann Hicks! This is right on! I feel I am standing at the very edge of the next season! I sense I am ready but I can’t quite see where He is leading. So, I just hold His hand and step forward....
Bless you! May He reward you!

John Laney
Thank you for the word it is a great encouragement to me as I am struggling with my marriage (32 years) your word is accurate so thank you for seeking God and praying for me.

Stacy Benjamin
Thank you Joane Hicks for this prophetic word...I receive it IN JESUS NAME.
Its true...I was wondering about the promises God made to me years ago...thought He "forgot" about it...but thank God for true prophets such as you that can confirm.
I deeply appreciate it..
Thank you Lord

Patricia Leverett
I do believe the Lord wants me to move into an area in my life that I thought was long gone. I do not desire to move physically but in a spiritual area and a lot of things to happen for me and my family. Just recently the Lord dropped back in my heart desire to write a book and to finish some things that I have written in the past. I actually I completed a chapter just recently. I also feel like that he wants me to broaden my horizons and my church and in my Christian walk. I am praying for salvation for my son and his family and I have been ministering to them. Thank you for your word and your word of encouragement it has greatly helped me. The Lord bless you and all your goings and comings.

Diane Scott Kinzel RN
Thank you Joann for praying in my behalf.
Yes I always try to do the right things and treat people with kindness as if to the Lord. I want Gods will in my life.
The ones that I find in trouble seem to be my daughter Kristen ! She has quite a load single mom and no support works full time.
Increase was mentioned and I know the other day I said I wish I was rich so I could give it to my family to get on their feet. As a mother I find myself sad watching my kids struggle . I worry bout my daughters health with the responsibility she has doesn’t find much time to get to doctor .
Yes I have had setbacks and many trials,and battles.
I am waiting on God to breathe over my life and situation I am looking forward to Gods moving and guiding my direction!
I thank God for this word of encouragement.
Thank You Lord!
And thank you Joann for being one of His and bringing His messages.

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